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Ridgeline Management Consultants is fully capable to consult with you to improve your project operations. With more than 30 years in a wide range of Project Management styles and environments, we bring a unique perspective to the analysis of your operations, your needs and the constraints that you face with your business.

Our approach, in general, is to start by reviewing your current operations to evaluate the "Positioning Factors" that affect where you are on the Spectrum. We will describe where you are on the Spectrum so that you understand our analysis and its results. We then evaluate where you should be. In some cases, this will be a single position and in others it may be a range of positions due to a need to be capable of handling different project types. Based on this analysis, we will clearly identify where we recommend you position yourself on the Spectrum and the potential benefits from this move. At that point, we develop a plan for helping you move to your new position.

Our primary candidates for this type of Consulting are those companies that are doing software development (whether for internal or external customers) or creative Engineering environments where the project outputs are not physical construction. These environments are the ones where the classic PRE-PLANNED styles have proven to be much less effective and where there is a greater need to modify the positioning on the Spectrum.

As a note, Ridgeline Management Consultants is fully capable of taking you all the way to the newest AGILE techniques. However, we don't feel that these techniques are always the best. We fully embrace and understand the fact that not every company and project can be completely AGILE. Therefore, we work with you to choose the optimum location on the Spectrum for you and your projects.


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