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Estimating 101

Ridgeline Management Consultants has developed a unique approach to estimating the labor and costs associated with a project. In most estimating, the activities are defined and the duration of the activity is estimated. Resources are then assigned to these activities and the effort results as a calculated value.

We believe that this is not effective in the highly creative domains such as software development. For this reason, we define the activities and then estimate the Effort that we expect each activity to take. Some special rules around these estimates help improve the accuracy of these estimates. We then use a unique approach to estimating the Unknowns in the estimate and provide a much higher level of accuracy for the estimates. We then take the activities and their estimates and produce scheduling activities that may be a summary of several estimating activities.

There are a large number of reasons why this approach works better and we will provide insight into those reasons as a part of this mini-course. At the end of this course, your personnel will have a technique that will provide a much higher level of confidence in their estimates and there will be a very solid and understandable basis for those estimates.

This mini-course is normally presented as one session lasting four hours. A quick overview can be provided in one hour.


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